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OBC Direct Trading

OBC Direct Trading

Oriental Bank of Commerce facilitates easy, transparent, hassle free and quick way to trade in large numbers of listed securities. There is no need to visit Branch or Brokers. OBC Direct Trading executes the trade online or contacting the Broker over the phone.

We have trading Tie up with M/s IDBI Capital Market Services limited,M/s Kotak Securities Ltd.,M/s Geojit BNP Paribas Financial Services Ltd. and M/s Karvy Stock Broking Limited. "3-in-1 facility" can be availed, wherein the SB/CA and demat Account with oriental Bank of Commerce are interlinked with the Trading Account opened with any of the above Broker. Funds and Shares are transferred to the Oriental Bank of Commerce account of the customers on the payout day.

Please click here to visit:


IDBI Capital Market Services Limited www.idbipaisabuilder.com
Helpline 022-39135001
Toll free No. 1800 22 3366


KOTAK securities LTD


Helpline No. - 30305757 Dial from mobile no. add city code

Toll free No. -1800-222-299/1800-209-9191

email ID - service.securities@kotak.com


Karvy Stock Broking Limited:


Helpline - Toll free No. 1800 419 8283

email service@karvy.com 


Geojit BNP Paribas Financial Services Ltd


Helpline No - 0484-2901000

Toll free No. - 1800-425-5501 / 1800-103-5501

email ID - customercare@geojit.com


 Salient Features of OBC Direct "3-in-1 facility": 


  • Trading from the comfort of your Home or Office. Trading even from the Remote Location.
  • Trading on any Exchange NSE and BSE.
  • Trading with intention of taking or giving delivery of shares.
  • Intra Day Square off (only in normal segment of the Exchange).
  • Lien marking of funds / securities only before happening of trade.
  • Transfer of funds / securities only on confirmation of trade.
  • No need of issuing Cheques for purchase or Delivery slips for sale of securities.
  • Seamless credit of funds and securities in the Banking and Demat Account.
  • SMS alert at the time of Lien marking as well debit of funds as well as Securities on the registered mobile no.
  • Other usual Demat Services.


OBC Direct Trading has a unique feature of 3-in-1 integration of your Banking (Savings / Current / Overdraft) Account and Demat Accountwith the OBC and the Trading Account with Karvy,Kotak,Geojit or IDBI.


The customers availing OBC Direct Trading facility will be required to maintain designated Bank Account ( to which the amount to buy and sell securities/ shares will be debited/ credited ) and designated Demat Account ( to which the Shares / Securities bought and sold will be credited / debited ) with the Bank.


For availing the On Line trading facility the customers, will be required to register themselves with Karvy or IDBI for opening of On Line Trading account.


Who can open the OBC Direct Trading accounts?


  • Ø Individuals
  • Ø HUF
  • Ø Trusts
  • Ø Bodies Corporate ( Domestic or Foreign )
  • Ø Societies
  • Ø Association of persons
  • Ø Mutual Funds



  • As per SEBI guidelines PAN card is mandatory for holding and trading in shares and securities.
  • All the photo copies of the supporting documents are to be signed by the customers in the presence of the Bank official.


Registration and Documentation


(A) For New Customers:


In order to enrol for OBC Direct Tradingthe client has to


  • 1) Fill up Banking account opening form along with KYC compliance documents
  • 2) Fill up Demat account opening form along with KYC compliance documents.
  • 3) Fill up Trading account opening form of Karvy,Kotak,Geojit or IDBI along with Client- Broker Agreement cum authorisation along with cheque for registration fees


(B) For Existing Banking Account Customers:


Steps 2 to 3 of (A) above are required to be completed to enrol for OBC Direct Trading


(C) For Existing Banking and Demat Account Customers:


Step 3 of (A) above are required to be completed to enrol for

OBC Direct Trading


* Subject to change as per Government guidelines


Login Id and Password


After opening of the Trading Account Karvy,Kotak,Geojit or IDBI will register the customer and send / e-mail the Login ID and Password directly to the customer which will enable the customer to access the website for trading. On receiving the Login ID and Password the customer can commence on- line trading by visiting either OBC website i.e www.obcindia.co.in or Karvy ,Kotak,Geojit or IDBI website directly.


In case of further queries, please write to us demathelpdesk@obc.co.in