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Non-Residence Ordinary
Non-Resident Ordinary Account (NRO)

When a Resident acquires the status of NRI, all existing domestic accounts become NRO Accounts. NRO Account can also be opened by remittances from abroad wherein legitimate dues in Rupees of the account holder in India can also be credited. Funds cannot be reptriated without prior permission of RBI.


NRO accounts may be opened jointly with resident Indian. Interest earnings are subject to Tax deductible at source. All types of accounts viz. Current, Savings and Term Deposits are opened. On application, repatriation of the entire interest income (Net of taxes) earned on the account is permitted. Nomination facility available.


NRO account can also be opened by person of non-Indian Origin (other than indiviidual / entities of Bangladesh / Pakistan nationality / ownership). Opening of accounts by Individuals / entities of Bangladesh / Pakistan nationality / ownership require RBI approval.