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Housing Loan





1.        Purchase of land and construction of a house thereon.

2.        Construction of house, where in the plot/land already owned by the applicant.

3.        To buy built up (new or second hand) / semi built up house or flat.

4.        To Extend/improve/repair, the existing house or flat.

5.        To buy a flat under construction or proposed to be constructed

6.        For Home furnishing, furniture / fixtures embedded to structure or otherwise.



Individuals or group of specified individuals (co-borrowers) having an assured source of regular income viz. salaried / self-employed persons, professionals, businessmen, farmers etc.(including Staff & NRIs )

Maximum Loan


For Business man-40 times Gross monthly Income and for salaried person -60 times Gross monthly Income with a condition that the net take income(gross Annual income minus all existing deductions, IT deduction & Proposed loan installment)is in 20-40% slab as per Gross Annual income with details as under:

Upto Rs. 10 Lacs


Above Rs.15 Lacs  to Rs. 25 Lacs


Above Rs. 10 Lacs  to Rs. 15 Lacs


Above Rs. 25 Lacs



Housing Loan ---No upper ceiling (*conditions apply).

Home furnishing Loan --Maximum Rs. 15.00 Lacs (restricted to 30% value of existing house),

(Metro Centre Rs. 15.00 Lac, Urban- Rs. 10.00 Lac, Semi Urban Rs. 8.00 lacs ,Rural Rs. 5.00 Lacs)

The maximum permissible Bank finance can be calculated on the basis of income of individual as well as joint borrower, as the case may be.

Minimum age

Maximum age

18 years as on date of application

For salaried(with pension) & other Individuals   upto 70 years

For Salaried ( Non Pensionable)                            upto 60 years or superannuation, which is earlier



Primary--Equitable/ Registered Mortgage of financed property/property proposed to be furnished




Upto Rs. 20.00 Lacs


Above Rs. 20.00 Lacs & Upto Rs. 75.00 Lacs


Above Rs. 75.00 Lacs


For Home furnishing

25% of total cost of renovation/furnishing


Rate of Interest (floating)

Click here to view Rate of Interest.


Concession in rate of interest (0.25%) to captive and loyal customers, existing home loan borrowers and group of employees.

Interest switchover option to existing borrowers

During the currency of housing loan, if borrower feels that the current prevailing card rate of Home loan is in favour as compared to interest actually applied in his account, he can use the switchover option.

Process fee

Click here to view Process Fee.

Other Charges

Prepayment Penalty / documentation charges/ upfront fee- NIL

Repayment Period

For Home Loan -Upto  360 months, including the moratorium period of 18 months subject to age of dwelling unit

Age of Dwelling unit less than 10 Years -Maximum 30 Years

Age of dwelling Unit Older than 10 Years -Maximum 25 Years

For Home Furnishing Loan-Maximum 120 months

Second home loans, takeover of home loan accounts, loan to NRI's facility is available as per the detailed scheme

Please Click to proceed, if you fulfill eligibility

List of Documents/ Information to be provided by the applicant along with Loan Application Form.

(These documents are indicative, relevant documents be obtained on case to case basis)

Loan application Form-cum-process note LF-2/Passport size photograph of applicant and co-applicant, ID Proof i.e. copy of valid passport / driving license / pan card/ voter ID card /Copy of bank account statement for last 6 months, Saving account. In case of bank take over, copy of home loan account statement for the entire period shall be obtained/Also a certificate from the lending institution giving pre-closure amount./Affidavit as per Format. Title clearance report from advocate and valuation report from architect  on Bank's panel along with all required   Documents/papers relating to title deeds of property  be submitted

For further details please contact the nearby branch or call at 1800-180-1235 & 0124-2340940