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  • Security Alert

    Security Alert

    • Never share your Net-Banking user-id and password with anybody including Banking officials.
    • Key-in Bank's URL on your browsers address bar to access your Bank's Website rather than clicking on the link provided at other locations.
    • Change you Password often. Avoid using simple passwords. Strong passwords should use the combination of Capital and Small alphabets, numerals and special characters.
    • Disable Auto complete function of your browser before using the Banking Website.
    • Avoid using the Net Banking at Public Places and Cyber cafes.
    • Ensure to exit the site using Logout button besides clearing the Browser's history and clearing the cache and deleting the temporary files.
    • Frequently check your Bank account to find out transactions and report any unauthorized transaction immediately to the Bank.
    • Never reveal any sensitive information in response to an e-mail or phone call purportedly sent by the Bank, nor click on any link provided on such mails soliciting vital information pertaining to your account.
    • Remember that your Bank shall never need your password etc. for providing the support for account related services.
    • Incase of any incidents of unauthorised transactions the matter may be immediately reported by the customers using any of the following channels
    • Always keep your PC/Mobile Phone/Smart Phone/Laptop updated with latest definition of Anti-virus, Patches and Operating System being used for accessing the Internet Banking Application to stop malware/Trojan/virus and reducing your chances of falling victim to fraud
  • ATM Security Alerts

    ATM Security Alerts

    • Personal Identification Number (PIN) is very personal. Memorize it and do not share with anyone, not even your friends or family. Also do not keep a written copy of your PIN with your card.
    • Select a unique PIN. Never use obvious information such as your telephone number, date of birth or address.
    • Checkout card reader slot, overlays on the ATM keypad or cameras overlooking the keypad. Tampering, if observed may kindly be reported to the bank immediately.
    • Help from Ready to Help strangers should not be taken while doing transaction at ATM. Use the Bank helpline for any queries.
    • Do not allow anyone to see your password. Keying in of PIN or other account information should be protected by placing free hand over the other while entering the PIN.
    • Collect your card before leaving the ATM. In case of a failed transaction, 'Cancel' the transaction and remember to take your transaction slip with you before you leave.
    • Verify the SMS and Email alerts sent to you for the transaction correctness. Immediately report any unauthorized transactions on your account.
    • Ensure that your card is returned to you after every purchase.
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