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Progressive Deposit General

How to Open an Account ?

Download or obtain Account Opening Form from the nearest branch, fill it up properly and deposit the same with the branch of your choice along with the following

Furnish proof of Residence(shown as Annexure 1 DownloadDownload
ORIGINALS be shown only at the time of scrutiny of papers/ Business address.
Furnish 2 photographs of all the prospective account holder(s).
The can be opened by a person in his/ her own name.
(b) By more than one person in their joint names (maximum three), payable to all of them jointly or to either or survivor, former/ latter or survivor or any one of them, or to the survivor or any or more of the survivors amongst them, specific instructions in this regard are required to be given in writing at the time of opening the account
At the time of opening the account, the depositor shall specify in the AOF, the amount of monthly installment and the total number of such installments payable by him and shall not subsequently be allowed to alter or vary them.
Minimum Installment Rs 10/- or in multiples thereof
Period 6 months to 120 months
Compounding Quartely Compounding
Rate of Interest As applicable for the period of Deposit
Senior Citizens 0.50% additional
TDS Applicable
Loan facility upto 95% of accrued value
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