Prepaid Card

  • Introduction



    A card with preloaded fund, can be used for cash withdrawal/ POS & E –commerce transaction.

  • Features/Services

    Key Features/Services Offered

    • Available as Ready Kits at Branches.
    • Can be used for Cash withdrawal at ATM and BCs
    • POS & e-Commerce (Card only) transactions
    • In a given business day, a maximum of ₹10,000/- can be Loaded/ Reloaded in the account with maximum monthly ceiling of ₹ 25,000/-. Further, the balance in the prepaid card/ account cannot exceed ₹50,000/- at any given time.
    • The Prepaid Card shall be valid for a minimum period of 03 years subject to the expiry date on fascia of Card.
    • No account related charges such as Minimum balance; Ledge folio charges etc. shall be levied.
  • Eligibility


    • The facility can be extended only to those entities/ ‘employers’ that have a fully KYC compliant existing operative bank account with our Bank
    • Mobile number registration is mandatory in the account for SMS alert.
  • Terms & Conditions

    Bank’s Policy for issuance of PPI

    Bank’s Policy for issuance of PPIDownloadDownload
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