Oriental premium salary

S.No Parameters/Benefits Premium Salary Account
. Basic Eligibility criteria Minimum gross monthly salary of Rs 25,000/-
1 Min/Avg. Balance Requirements Nil
2 Online NEFT As applicable
3 ATM card type Issuance charges Annual fee charges VISA Gold, Rupay Platinum
As applicable
4 Net Banking As applicable
5 Mobile banking Free
6 SMS and Mail alerts Free
7 Overdraft facility Overdraft facility with extended limit upto 3 times of gross salary (as per pay slip) or 5 times Net Salary credited in account (Avg of last 3 months to be taken) whichever is lower. Available for tenure of 12 months at MCLR+2.5%. Max overdraft amount shall be limited to ₹ 300000
Eligibility: Permanent Employee /Minimum one year of continuous service.Net take home salary should not be less than 40% after calculating the interest accrued. Minimum CIBIL trans Union score shall be TU-567,PL-651 (Any deviation from the above mentioned score rests with the concerned higher authorities)
9 Process Fee in Retail Loans Complete waiver
10 Demat Account Free
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