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The Bank has put in place the mechanism for 'Redressal of complaints / grievances' received from the customers. The complaints are being received from the customers through various channels including Ombudsman, Ministry of Finance, Deptt. of Economic Affairs (Banking Division), Cabinet Sectt., RBI etc.. The Bank has also become the member of the Banking Codes & Standards Board of India (BCSBI) which has been set up as an Independent Autonomous Body under Societies Registration Act, 1860. The objectives of the Board are to ensure that the banks in India adhere to a voluntary code which sets minimum standards for fair and transparent treatment of individual customers availing of banking services. The code of Bank's commitment to customers has also made a reference about the explicit policy statement dealing with complaints received from individual customers

  • Introduction



    In the present scenario of competitive banking, excellence in customer service is the most important tool for sustained business growth. Customer complaints are part of the business life of any corporate entity. This is more so for banks because banks are service organizations. This policy document aims at minimizing instances of customer complaints and grievances through proper service delivery and review mechanism and to ensure prompt redressal of customer complaints and grievances. The review mechanism shall help in identifying shortcomings in product features and service delivery as Customer dissatisfaction would spoil bank's name and image. The bank's policy on grievance redressal follows the under noted principles.

    • Customers be treated fairly at all times.
    • Complaints raised by customers are dealt with courtesy and on time.
    • Customers are fully informed of avenues to escalate their complaints/grievances within the organization and their rights to alternative remedy, if they are not fully satisfied with the response of the bank to their complaints.
    • Bank will treat all complaints, including those relating to non-compliance with the Code of Bank's Commitment to customers issued by BCSBI efficiently and fairly as they can damage the bank's reputation and business if handled otherwise.
    • The Bank's employees must work in good faith and without prejudice to the interests of the customer.

    The customer is having full right to register his complaint if he is not satisfied with the services provided by the Bank. He can give his complaint in writing, orally, through website or over telephone. If customer's complaint is not resolved within given time or if he is not satisfied with the solution provided by the bank, he can approach the Banking Ombudsman with his complaint or other legal avenues available for grievance redressal.

  • Handle complaints and grievances

    Nodal Officer and Other designated officials to handle complaints and grievances


    Bank has appointed a Nodal Officer of the rank of General Manager who is responsible for implementation of customer service and complaint handling for the entire bank. Further, the Bank has also designated Nodal Officers at various Regional Offices located in various part of the country to handle complaint grievances in respect of branches falling under their control.(See list of Code Compliance Officers)

  • Mandatory display requirements

    Mandatory display requirements


    The Bank has also provided following infrastructure for complaints.

    • Appropriate arrangement for receiving complaints and suggestions.
    • The name, address and contact number of Nodal Officers(s)
    • Contact details of Banking Ombudsman of the area.
    • Code of bank's commitments to customers issued by BCSBI.
    • Details of the 'Customers' Day', when they can meet the Branch Manager without any prior appointment
  • Resolution of Grievances

    Resolution of Grievances


    Time frame


    If a complaint is received from customer in writing, the Bank will endeavor to send an acknowledgement/ response within 3 days. If the complaint is relayed over phone at our designated telephone helpdesk or customer service number, the Bank shall provide to the Customer a complaint reference number and keep him/ her informed of the progress within a reasonable period of time.

    After examining the matter, the Bank will send final response or explain why the Bank needs more time to respond and shall endeavor to do so within 30 days of receipt of complaint and shall inform the customer the mechanism to take the complaint further if he/ she is still not satisfied.


    Interaction with customers


    The Bank recognizes that customer's expectation / requirement/ grievances can be better appreciated through personal interaction with customers by Bank's staff. And accordingly once in a month Bank holds 'Customer Day' when the customers can meet the Branch Manager without any prior appointment.

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