Point of Sale (POS)

  • Requirement & Target Areas


    Institutional CA/SB accounts.

    Target Areas

    Shopping centres, petrol pumps, hospitals, educational institutions, mobile shops, retail shops and other commercial establishments etc.

  • Applicable Charges

    Applicable Charges

    • Installation fee: Rs. 800/- + GST per terminal for the carded and non-carded Merchant Establishments.
    • In case of GPRS terminals monthly rent is Rs. 900/- per month + applicable GST.
    • In case of PSTN terminals:
    Transaction per month Rental per month
    Up to Rs. 1,00,000/- Rs. 500/-+GST
    Rs. 1,00,001/- and above NIL
  • Processing Fee For debit cards

    Transaction Processing Fee For debit cards

    Transaction Amount Merchant Service Fee (MSF)- Excl. GST
    Upto Rs. 2000/- 0%
    Above Rs 2000/- 0.90%
  • Processing Fee For credit cards

    Transaction Processing Fee For credit cards

    Business slabs per month MSF (Excl. applicable GST) per Transaction
    Visa/Master Cards Diners/ Discover Cards
    Up to Rs. 25,000/- 1.75% or above 2.50% of transaction value
    Rs. 25,001/- to Rs. 50,000/- 1.65% or above
    Rs. 50,001/- to Rs. 1.00 Lac 1.60% or above
    Rs. 1,00,001/- to Rs. 5.00 Lac 1.50% or above
    Rs. 5,00,001/- to Rs. 10.00 Lac 1.45% or above
    above Rs. 10.00 Lac 1.40% or above
  • Benefits


    • Better customer service by offering payments through debit and credit cards for their customers.
    • To target the segment of customers who prefer to use plastic money.
    • Customer dealing with bank will able to deploy our Bank’s POS terminals.
  • Cash@POS
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