Online Mutual Fund

  • Introduction

    Online Mutual Fund

    OBC m-pay in partnership with fisdom is an online wealth manager,delivered through the OBC m-pay app http://bit.ly/2O1b0ud or fisdom app (http://bit.ly/2RCF6ad). This app simplifies all aspects of mutual fund investment by providing paperless KYC process,goal based inverting,smart fund recommendation engine and real-time tracking system.

    Our customer can now access this app either through OBC mobile banking app under the mutual fund category or download the fisdom app and invest in the best funds in a completely digital way & track their money grow.

  • Key features

    Key features

    • Online Mutual Funds is a free mobile investment manager that provides a simple, jargon-free approach to manage your money.
    • The app empowers you to get guidance and make investments from anywhere, on -the –go.
    • Online Mutual Funds research is backed by sound skills of long- term investing by combining world-class investment research with skillful engineering.
    • Everything from KYC to Investing, Viewing your money and withdrawing money is completely online and paperless.
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    To Download OBC m-pay App
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    To Access fisdom web portal

    Feel free to write us on obc@fisdom.com

    To Know more about Online Mutual funds- Call +91 113084848

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