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OBC e-Shoppe

Welcome to Oriental Banks e-commerce initiative section. Please click on the Links below to reach various e-commerce Web Sites, which are available for online shopping and other utility payments through various consolidators. By clicking on the link below, you shall be re-directed to the Consolidators web site where an indicative list of all the sub-merchants is displayed. Please note these Web sites are Independent Web Sites over which Bank is not having any control. These sub-merchants accept payments as per their choice of mode viz. Net banking, Credit Cards and Debit Cards. The OBC e-shoppe is offered only through the net banking option, the acceptance whereof by the respective sub-merchant needs to be verified by the customer.

Oriental Bank of Commerce does not vouch or guarantee or take any responsibility for any of the contents of the said website including any products, services or other items offered through the said website. By proceeding further to access the said website it is presumed that you have agreed to the above and also to other terms and conditions as may be applicable on the respective Web Sites of the Sub-Merchants for authorization of online payment through OBC's Net Banking.

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