NRI Investment Insurance

NRI Investment & Insurance


NRIs can make investments in India under the following Schemes:-

  • 100% repatriable basis

    On 100% repatriable basis


    Investment in Government securities, Treasury bills, units of mutual funds, bonds and shares issued by Public Sector Undertakings Portfolio investment in shares purchased and sold through stock exchanges. Sale proceeds are freely repatriable abroad without permission from Reserve Bank of India after payment of applicable taxes in India provided the investments are made by remittances in foreign currencies or by debiting NRE/FCNR(B) account of the NRI.

  • Non-repatriable basis

    On non-repatriable basis


    Investment in capital of a firm or proprietary concerns without any ceiling. Investment in Government securities, treasury bills, units of mutual funds, National Plan/Saving Certificates. Investment in shares and convertible debentures through private placement provided the Indian company is not engaged in agricultural/ plantation activities or real estate business or construction of farm houses or dealing in Transfer of Development Rights or dealing in Print Media. Portfolio Investment in shares and convertible debentures through brokers on stock exchanges subject to fulfillment of certain conditions. Sale proceeds of above mentioned securities are allowed to be repatriated outside India after payment of applicable taxes in India and after obtaining permission from Reserve Bank of India.

  • Investment in property

    Investment in Immovable property


    No permission required to purchase a residential/commercial property. There is no restriction on the number of residential/commercial properties that a NRI can purchase. No return/form is required to be submitted to Reserve Bank of India after purchase of property. Purchase of agricultural/plantation property/farm houses is not allowed. Residential/commercial property can also be acquired by way of inheritance or gift from a resident in India. The purchase consideration for acquiring properties should be by way of fresh remittances in foreign exchange or by debit to NRE/FCNR (B) account of the Non-Resident. The properties, so acquired, can be sold to a person resident in India only. Such properties can be sold to another Non-Resident Indian or a person of Indian origin after obtaining RBI permission. There is no restriction on the number of sale of commercial properties. In case of residential property, sale proceeds can be remitted outside India in respect of two properties only within the overall limit of USD 1 million or its equivalent after payment of applicable Indian taxes. There is no lock-in-period either for sale of immovable property or for remittance of proceeds thereof abroad. The sale amount, so repatriable, should not exceed the foreign exchange brought into India for purchase of properties or the amount debited to NRE/FCNR(B) account.

  • Investment in third party

    Investment in third party product

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