MSME Doctor plus

  • Eligibility

    To meet the financial requirements for setting up of new Nursing Home/ Clinic / Hospital / Veterinary Hospital / Infrastructure for Medical Tourism including Pathological Laboratory, Diagnostic centre Expansion / renovation / modernization of existing Nursing Home / Hospital / Clinic including Pathological Laboratory, Diagnostic centre, Purchase of medical equipments( including Vehicles, ambulances and Implants) and also office equipments, viz. computers, air conditioners, office furniture, Purchase of ambulance etc and to meet working capital requirements including takeover of accounts subject to compliance of terms and conditions specified in the scheme.

    Eligible Entities

    Individuals (including Proprietorship firms) should have requisite qualification in any branch of medical science from a recognized University and having minimum qualification as under:

    • MBBS
    • BDS (Dentist)
    • BHMS
    • BAMS
    • Veterinary
    • Physiotherapist

    Further Post Graduate or diploma qualification is mandatory for financing of specialized equipment like CT SCAN, MRI SCAN and PET Scan.


    All entities, i.e. MSMEs, Enterprises, Association of persons , Partnership firms, LLPs, Private Limited Companies , Trusts , Societies engaged in providing medical including veterinary / diagnostic services / to the Society having valid license to conduct business by Municipal / Local / Administration.
    Further, for financing of medical equipment above entities must have a minimum experience of 2 years of operations of the diagnostic centre, pathological lab, hospital, nursing home etc. Further, they have the required approvals or registrations from the statutory authority and employ qualified doctors.

  • Finance
    Quantum of loan

    Loan Amount

    Area Amount (In case of Hospitals including Diagnostic centre) Amount (In case of Clinic)
    Rural 2.00 0.50
    Semi Urban/ Urban 15.00 1.00
    Metro 25.00 2.50


    • For individual (including proprietorship firms) having experience less than 2 years including fresher, loan amount shall be 50% of the normal loan limit of respective centre wise or ₹ 2.00 Crore whichever is lower.
    • In case of borrowers requiring only working capital limit, 20% of the ceiling limit of respective centre as above.
    Nature of facility
    • Term loan (Assessment of TL shall be as per Loan Policy of the Bank) –Finance for Land & Building shall have ceiling limit of max 65% of centre wise and rest 35% can be financed for other eligible purposes under the scheme.
    • Working Capital limits up to 10% of the annual sale or gross income, subject to 10% of the ceiling limit of centre in case of borrowers requiring both Term Loan and working capital facilities in the shape of Overdraft.
    • Internal Credit Risk Rating should be minimum IMACS 5. (In case of Existing Borrower having Audited Balance Sheet for at least Last 2 Years, Internal Credit Risk rating shall be minimum 5 or above (1 to 5) and previous year internal Credit rating should be minimum 6 or above).
    • Internal Credit Risk Rating should be minimum GF 5 in case of new borrower where no past Audited Balance Sheet is available.
    • External Rating to be obtained from any of the approved rating agency for limits above ₹ 10.00Crore. Rating to be assigned to any of the approved external rating agency prior to release of facility and rating to be obtained within 3 months otherwise applicable penal interest be recovered.
    Acceptable Ratio

    Acceptable financial Ratio

    Current Ratio/Adjusted Current Ratio:

    • 1.17:1 (for working capital limits up to ₹ 5.00crore)
    • 1.25:1 (for working capital limits above ₹ 5.00crore)

    Current Ratio/Adjusted Current Ratio if collateral coverage is more than 100%:

    • 1.10:1 (for working capital limits up to ₹ 5.00crore)
    • 1.17:1 (for working capital limits above ₹ 5.00crore)

    Debt Equity Ratio/Adjusted DE ratio:- Upto 3:1

    Leverage Ratio/Adjusted Leverage Ratio:- Upto 4:1

    Average DSCR minimum 1.25 in case of term loan

    Guarantee Coverage The option of guarantee coverage CGTMSE/ PMMY/ CGSSI (Stand Up India) scheme may be offered to the borrower incase he/she is providing only primary security as security coverage.
  • Security and Margin

    Primary security for the purpose of security coverage includes WDV of immovable property and plant & machinery (which is created out of Bank finance).

    Collateral security consists of unencumbered immovable property and plant & machinery (WDV as per latest ABS), liquid securities (i.e. Bank deposit, LIC, NSC etc).

    • 25% for acquisition of premises and/or expansion/ renovation/ modernization of existing premises.
    • 15% for purchase of equipment/ machinery
    • 15% on cost of vehicle on road for Ambulance/ other Vehicle
    • NIL in case of WC (clean).
  • Rate of Interest and Repayment

    Rate of Interest is as under-

    If the facilities are covered under CGTMSE/PMMY/Stand Up India Guarantee Coverage then ROI shall be applicable as per respective Guarantee Coverage.


    Rate of Interest linked to collateral security coverage is as under:

    Collateral Coverage Ratio   >₹ 10.00 Cr upto ₹ 25.00Cr
    50% upto 75% 1 Yr MCLR+2.00% 1 Yr MCLR+2.25%
    Above 75% upto 100% 1 Yr MCLR+1.75% 1 Yr MCLR+2.00%
    Above100% 1 Yr MCLR+1.25% 1 Yr MCLR+1.75%
    Above 150% 1 Yr MCLR+1.00% 1 Yr MCLR+1.50%

    In case of delayed payment, penalty of 2% on the overdue amount for the overdue period shall be charged.

    Repayment Period

    Total repayment period/Door to Door Tenor (including moratorium period) shall not exceed 10 years and moratorium period shall not exceed 24 months.
    However, a higher moratorium period upto 36 months may be allowed in case of construction of nursing home/ clinic/ medical centre. (Where Land is purchased by way of Bank finance for construction of Clinics / Nursing Home / Medical Centers, the construction should start within a period of 6 months and should be completed within moratorium period.)

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