mode of remittance

Down load the Account Opening Form and complete the same in all respects.


The account opening form be got verified / attested / properly introduced and following papers be attached with it.

  • Self attested passport size photograph(s) duly affixed on the account opening form.
  • Photocopy of the relevant pages of the passport containging particulars of the applicant's visa etc.
  • Self attested copies of Memorandum, Articles of Association etc., wherever required.

The Account Opening Form complete in all respect be forwarded to the branch of your choice & (branches authorsied for foreign exchange business) with a letter giving details of the remittance effected for opening the account.

The letter may also give the detail of the local person / relative of the account holder to enable the bank to contact him in case of need. The account opening form with enclosures and remittance instrument may also be forwarded by you to your local representative / relation for facilitating opening of the account.


Modes of Remittances

Remittances for opening / crediting of the account may be done in any of the following methods:-

  • By Foreign Currency Drafts / Cheques payable in India or abroad.
  • The account holder may send such drafts / cheques directly to the branch maintaining the account giving details of the account (i.e. name and account number in which the proceeds are to be credited). The account of the depositor will be credited as per the arrangement. The foreign currency instruments will be converted into rupees at the market rate. In case the funds are to be kept in foreign currency account (like FCNR), the letter should contain clear instructions to this effect.
  • By Telegraphic transfers Remittances may also be arranged through your overseas banker by telegraphic transfers. Our bank maintains foreign currency accounts in all the major currencies of the world. The detail of our accounts (Nostro Accounts) in USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Australia are given separately. Remittances through any of our foreign currency accounts may be arranged through your overseas bankers. However, the telegraphic transfer must contain complete information of your account where the funds are to be ultimately credited (i.e. account number, branch name and purpose of remittance).
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