flexi fixed deposit

  • Product & Benefit

    Flexi Fixed Deposit products offer liquidity in the shape of Savings / Current deposit funds as well as higher returns as are available on fixed deposit funds. Moreover, there is also an element of flexibility as the depositor can meet funds requirement without losing the interest, since transfer of funds to Savings / Current account is made available as an in-built arrangement whenever required by the depositor. In nutshell, the scheme enables a depositor to get returns on his/her funds as a fixed deposit but at the same time retaining the character of liquidity which is available in Savings Banks/Current Account.

  • Eligibility

    The Scheme is made available at all CBS branches and customer will have to fulfil following conditions for its availment:

    • Customer will have to open an operative Account (Savings or Current) under the Scheme (Flexi Fixed Deposit), if not maintaining one already. The Account Opening Form (AOF) shall continue to be the same as required for SB / CA. While obtaining Account Opening Form, the type of account will be marked as "FLEXI FIXED" on the AOF itself. The customer shall not be required to undergo formalities of getting issued separate fixed deposit receipts, whenever the funds are transferred from the Savings bank / Current account under the Auto Sweep.
    • In addition to the Account Opening Form, a Letter of Undertaking (Annexure II) and acknowledgement for Rules & Regulations (Annexure III) for carrying out the request for the fixed component of Amount and its Periodicity will be obtained from the customer (Proformae enclosed).
    • Resident Indian customers shall be eligible to open accounts under the scheme provided they maintain such account in Savings Bank/Current Account under specific category as detailed in Annexure I.
    • Flexi Fixed Deposit accounts shall be opened either singly or jointly.
    • To avail Flexi Fixed Deposit products, Staff, Ex-staff, Pensioners and Senior Citizens will have to maintain accounts under this scheme. However, concession in minimum balance requirement and penalty thereon for not maintaining minimum balance will not be available to these categories.

    In case of new accounts, the initial deposit, as per the respective category under which the account is proposed to be opened, shall be the pre-requisite. In case of non-maintenance of minimum Average Quarterly Balance (as per Annexure I), penalty as specified against each category of Savings / Current account shall be levied in the account.

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