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Current Account Premium Gold


Flexi Deposit product offers liquidity in the shape of Current deposit funds as well as higher returns as are available on fixed deposit funds. Moreover, there is also an element of flexibility as the depositor can meet funds requirement without losing the interest, since transfer of funds to current account is made available as an in-built arrangement whenever required by the depositor. In nutshell, the scheme enables a depositor to get returns on his/her funds as a fixed deposit but at the same time retaining the character of liquidity which is available in Current Account.

S.No. Scheme Existing Flexi Period Proposed Flexi Period
Individuals Non Individuals
1. Current Account Premium Gold (CA-109) 45 days to 1 year 45 days to 1 year
Default period 45 days
a) 46 days to 90 days
Default period 46 days

b)91 days to 179 days
Default period 91 days
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