construction of form structure and farm house cum dwelling units

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  • construction of form structure and farm house cum dwelling units
  • Eligibility
    • For construction of “farm structures viz; Cattle / Livestock Shed, implement shed, tractor and truck shed, farm store, godowns and farm silos, dutch barn, water trough for farm animals, threshing yard, “gur” making, shed and fencing.
    • For construction of farm house cum dwelling unit (with two or more farm structures as above on own Agriculture land.
    Eligibility All farmers having own land with sufficient income to repay the installments and have adequate productive utility of proposed construction.
    Age of borrower Maximum age of borrower is 70 years.
  • Finance
    Maximum Loan Amount:
    • Maximum amount is ` 20.00 lakh.
    • The maximum permissible Bank finance can be calculated on the basis of farm income or value of agriculture land or value of liquid securities like NSCs/ FDR etc.
  • Security and Margin
    • Mortgage / charge on Agriculture land along with Farm structures / farm house cum dwelling units created out of bank finance.
    • Secured up to 100% of loan by liquid security like FDR, NSC etc.
    Margin 15% of cost of construction.
  • Rate of Interest and Repayment
    Repayment period
    • Maximum repayment period is 15 years.
    • Gestation period upto 18 months.
    Rate of Interest MCLR
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