comission agents arthiyas

  • Eligibility

    To provide working capital to the Commission Agents/ Arthiyas; irrespective of their location enabling them to

    • Make advance payment to farmers and for supply of inputs as also for buying the output from them
    • Supply of inputs (such as fertilizers, pesticides, seeds, cattle feed, poultry feed, agricultural implements and other inputs) to farmers and buying the output from them .
    • Carrying post harvest activities such as sorting, grading etc.
    • Commission Agents/ Arthiyas having valid license from the market yard/Board.
    • Commission Agents/ Arthiyas who have exposure of 3 years. For the consideration of past 3 years exposure, business experience in any other entity may also be considered.
    • All Commission Agents/ Arthiyas irrespective of location shall be covered under the scheme.

    Fresh entities are also eligible as advance secured by 150% Collateral Coverage.

  • Finance
    Nature of facility

    Overdraft limit for working capital purpose

    MPBF Calculation

    20% of annual Sales / turnover (Estimated)


    8 times of the Commission earned (actual)

    Commission earned / Annual Sales / turnover can be assess on the basis of VAT return/ Balance sheet and P & L etc.

    Service Charges:

    As per normal charges circulated by RMD time to time. No inspection charges

    Special Condition
    • Field functionaries shall obtain copy of Sales tax/ VAT/ any other Tax Registration and copies of Sales tax/ VAT Returns at the time of sanction/renewal/enhancement.
    • Prior to release of the facility a legal vetting shall be obtained from Bank’s panel advocate/legal retainer on valid documents & mortgage of the property by the sanctioning authority.
    • The borrower shall deal exclusively with our bank for all needs of credit facilities, in future, and shall not obtain any fund/non fund based credit facility from any other source without concurrence of the bank in writing.
  • Security and Margin
    Primary Security

    The facility shall be secured by way of mortgage of residential / commercial property (Other than Agricultural Land) worth at least 150% of advance sought belonging to either the applicant or guarantor.
    Pledge of NSCs, FDR, LIP (S.V.) of 125% of advance.

    Applicable to fresh sanction/ Enhanced portion of the facility, if operation of the account is satisfactory.

  • Rate of Interest and Repayment

    Up to ₹ 25.00 lac - MCLR +1.00% ,
    Above ₹ 25.00 lac - MCLR +1.50%


    12 months subject to annual renewal

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