cash deposit kiosk

  • Features


    • Denominations of 2000, 500 & 100 are accepted
    • Depositing cash in your Bank account is easy & simple
    • Get instant credit in any CBS account of OBC
    • Self Service terminal at E-lobbies & branches.
    • If Pan Updated, then Maximum amount of ₹ 80,000/- can be deposited in single transaction with max. 40 notes.
    • If Pan not updated, then Maximum amount of ₹ 50,000/- can be deposited.
    • Instant credit in your account with immediate Receipt.
    • No need to fill deposit slips and to stand in long queues at cash counter.
  • Deposit In CDK

    Steps To Deposit In CDK

    • Enter 14 digit account number in CDK.
    • Machine will display the name of the account holder. If correct, click "Enter"
    • Place the money in the cash deposit slot.
    • Machine will sort the cash and will display the summary.
    • Amount will be deposited & Receipt will be generated.
    • Fake, Soiled, torn, mutilated, wet and other such notes which do not comply to the RBI guidelines will not be accepted.
    • Remove Stapled pins and rubber band from the notes before depositing the same in the machine
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