bunch note acceptor

  • Features


    • It has capability to recycle cash.
    • Currently 826 Cash Recyclers installed by the Bank.
    • Reduced cash handling cost and increase in cash handling efficiency.
    • Availability of cash deposit facility 24 *7 *365.
    • Consistent and reliable counting of cash and detection of fraud notes.
    • Bill validation technology to detect counterfeit notes.
    • Reduction in the turnaround time.
  • Customer Guide to Use BNA

    Do’s & Don’ts for Customers while using Recycler

    A. Do’s

    • Check your name after entering account number while depositing.
    • Count your notes before entering the notes in Recycler.
    • File chargeback with your Branch in case of retraction or dispute.
    • Keep your deposit slip with yourself till complaint is resolved.
    • After inserting notes in Recycler, remove your hands immediately, so as to avoid any injury to hands.
    • Avoid inserting same mutilated/ rejected currency multiple times.
    • If Pan Updated, Maximum deposit can be ₹ 4Lacs(i.e 200 Notes Max ) per transaction.
    • If Pan Not Updated , Maximum deposit can be ₹ 50,000.

    B. Don’t

    • Deposit mutilated, fake or soiled notes in Recycler.
    • Deposit more than 200 Notes in single transaction.
    • Deposit 10 or 20 ₹ Notes in Recycler.
    • If you are depositing the amount in any loan account, kindly initiate the deposit before 6 or 7 days of settlement date.
    • Take much time while selecting options.
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