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Salient Features

  • Eligibility


    • Applicable to all Indian Citizens who are eligible to open account with the bank, who otherwise are unable to afford without financial hardship the cost of maintaining a bank account.
    • The account under the scheme should also be made available to beneficiaries of Social Security Schemes of Govt. of India and to BPL beneficiaries on large scale with the basic assumption that such accounts are opened for the person not having any banking relationship earlier.
  • Opening of Account

    Opening of Account


    The customer has to produce two photographs, separate documents for verification of identity and address. The KYC requirements are as under

    • If the address on the document submitted for identity proof is same as that declared by the customer in the account opening form, the document shall be accepted as a valid proof of both identity and address.
    • If the address indicated on the document submitted for identity proof differs from the current address mentioned in the account opening form, a separate proof of address should be obtained. For this purpose, a rent agreement indicating the address of the customer duly registered with State Government or similar registration authority shall also be accepted as a proof identity and address.
    • Accounts under this Scheme can be opened for the eligible persons either under their own names (individual capacity) or in joint names or with minors.
    • The holders of Basic Savings Bank Deposit account will not be eligible for opening any other saving bank deposit account in the bank.
  • Features


    • Nominal Initial Deposit of ₹ 10/- for opening of the Account.
    • No Minimum Balance Requirement / No Minimum Balance Charges.
    • No Standing Instruction Charges for Transfer of Funds within same Branch.
    • No Incidental Charges for non-operating/activating the inoperative account.
    • Nomination Facility.
    • One Cheque Book of 25 Leaves, Free of Cost, during a Calendar Year. Cheques drawn in favour of the account holder shall be collected in these Accounts.
    • Free ATM Card facility.
    • No restriction on number of credits in the account or on the maximum balance in the account.
    • A maximum of 6 withdrawals (including ATM and Transfers) per month are permitted, free of any charges. For additional withdrawals during a month (i.e. over and above the 6 free of cost), charges of ₹ 5/- per withdrawal shall be levied.
    • ECS NEFT, issuance of DD etc. are available with applicable service charges.
    • Internet Banking facility is not permitted.
    • Other services can be availed on charges prescribed by the Bank.
    • Basic SB Account holders can deposit in Term Deposit Products viz. Progressive Deposit(PD) or Fixed Deposit (FDR) or Cumulative Deposit (CDR).
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