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E-Mail Address

Tel. No.

Sh. S.K. Goyal CVO Vigilance,Corporate Office cvo@obc.co.in 91-124-4126388

Smt. Vidyavati Rudra

General Manager

Mid Corporate Credit and TUFS, Corporate Office



Sh. H.K. Batra

General Manager

CS&P,MIS, Corporate Office



Sh. Charanjit Singh

General Manager

Recovery & Law, Corporate Office



Sh. Swarup Saha

General Manager

Integrated Treasury, IBD & MBD (Operations), Corporate Office



Smt. Shashi Jain

General Manager

Credit Monitoring, Restructuring, Rec & Law, Corporate Office



Sh. Harish Banga General Manager Credit - Retail Asset Group (RAG) in-charge Classic Branches, Corporate Office hkbanga@obc.co.in


Sh. B S Jaitawat General Manager Official Language, Security, Services,  Corporate Office bsjaitawat@obc.co.in 


Sh. Surender Singh General Manager Inspection & Control,Corporate Office surendersingh@obc.co.in 91-124-4126361
Sh. Navleen Kundra General Manager Risk Management Department & CRO,Corporate Office nkundra@obc.co.in 91-124-4126319
Sh. P. Sreedhar General Manager SLBC Head & Govt. Business, Delhi sreedhar58@obc.co.in  
Sh. S.C. Das General Manager Rural Dev. & Priority Sector,Corporate Office scdas@obc.co.in 91-0124-4126147
Sh. Jitendra Mohan Singh General Manager CFO Accounts,Corporate Office jmohan@obc.co.in 91-124-4176359
Sh. Ashwani Kumar General Manager Large Corporate Credit,Corporate Office ashwanikumar@obc.co.in
Sh. B.G. Sandhibigraha General Manager Resolution,Recovery & Law sandhibigraha@obc.co.in 91-124-4126121
Sh, Kuldeep Bhalla General Manager Deptt. of Information Technology,Corporate Office kbhalla@obc.co.in 91-124-4126541
Sh. Manoj Saxena Principal HRDI Noida, Chief Learning Officer manojsaxena@obc.co.in 91-120-2400092
Sh. Pradeep Chauhan General Manager

HRD,Establishment,DAD,PF & Pension, MBD(compliance), CSR & Board

pradeep.chauhan@obc.co.in 91-124-4126366
Sh. B M Sharma General Manager Branch Business, Complaints,CPPC, DEMAT, Govt. Business Cell, Insurance, Operations, TPP, Corporate Office bm069208@obc.co.in 91-0124-4126379
Sh. Sushil Kumar Goel General Manager Vigilance Deptt, Corporate Office    
Sh. Ashutosh Chaudhary
General Manager MSME,Corporate Office ashutosh@obc.co.in 91-0124-4126495
Sh. Sukesh Gupta General Manager CRG, PR & Publicity, Corporate Office sukeshgupta@obc.co.in 0124-4126399
Sh. Shyam Tandon General Manager DBD,Corporate Office shyam@obc.co.in 0124-